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Gluklya, Tsaplya, and Igor Vikhorev Recently, the St Petersburg based artists Gluklya & Tsaplya (FNO) discovered and bought the personal archive of a man called Igor Vikhorev — an amateur/outsider photographer most active in the early seventies, now passed away. This archive is the starting point for their work Igor´s Mania, presented at ART MOSCOW • Read More »


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107 FEARS INSTALLATION AND PERFORMANCE IN THE ATTIC OF THE STATE HERMITAGE DEDICATED TO LOUISE BOURGEOIS ST. PETERSBURG 2001 The installation consisted of oversize white dresses with images of internal organs taken from an anatomy atlas printed on them. The performance was conducted in the style of a fashion show, with young, old and pregnant • Read More »


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In 2004 in Stockholm, Gluklya and Tsaplya mounted The Garden for Businessmen, a performance involving 12 businessmen, which posed the questions, as Gluklya puts it: “What is this person except his profession? Is there any life except their business? Who are they as a human? That’s why we proposed to make a kind of dance, • Read More »


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Father Transition and the Chorus 55th Oberhausen festival opens with a live performance Father-transformer and children chorus. Performance 30 min 2009 Performance and opening of 55th Oberhausen, Festival. We did our research for this performance by interviewing unemployment fathers. The father in the first part is a working father repeating, ” “I have to work, • Read More »