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Russia, 2009. 14 minutes Utopian Trade Union for the Unemployed No. 2 Declaration We think that art should help people. If you’ve been fired from your job and you’re in despair, The ballerinas of the Vaganova Academy are willing to give you a helping hand, And even a foot, and they’ll even give you their • Read More »



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Zoo Zoo is the film largely focused on the concept of female solidarity. According to our survey in collaboration with sociologists from Undependent institute of sociological research and Smolnii university /st-Petersburg ,female friendship poorely compares with male brotherhood. Why is this happening? Answering this question can take a lifetime. The research preceded the film. We • Read More »


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Crimson Sails Russia/Switzerland, 2005 7 minutes Our film refers to the novel with the same name of the soviet writer Alexander Green. It is about eternal hope that will never leave peoples hearts. We made our film in Kronstadt, a famous historical place during the 1917 revolution. The central point of the film is the • Read More »


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Three Mothers and a Chorus Russia, 2007 33 minutes The film has the structure of an ancient Greek tragedy. Mothers explain their problems and the chorus which is constructed of the typical social characters is judging her. The film is dedicated to contemporary motherhood.